An Update on Video Retention Metrics

By May 3, 2018May 8th, 2018No Comments

Video creators on Facebook have a range of metrics available to help them understand the reach, engagement, and overall performance of the videos they share. As more publishers and creators are sharing longer videos on our platform, it’s becoming increasingly important to better understand audience retention — the metric that shows how well a video is holding the attention of viewers.

Today we’re introducing improvements to the video retention graph available to Pages in Video Insights. We want to make this visualization more useful for video creators to help them better understand how their audience is consuming their longer videos, so we’re providing new breakdowns and insights.

In the coming weeks, Page admins will be able to access the following new metrics in their video retention graph:

  1. Followers vs Non-Followers: Breakdown of audience retention by people who follow your Page and people who don’t follow your Page.
  2. Audience Demographics: Breakdown of audience retention by gender.
  3. Zoom Chart: Zoom into the chart to get a closer look at the data, so you can better visualize the engagement throughout the video to see how key moments affected viewership.

In addition to these improvements, we’ve also made a fix to the video retention graph. While the absolute retention data available to publishers and creators was accurate, in some cases the retention graph rendered inaccurately for videos longer than two minutes. This was the result of a bug that we have fixed, and the retention graph is now accurate. We apologize for the error.

We know that publishers and creators use the metrics and insights we provide to inform their strategy and understanding, and we are committed to continually improving the functionality, reliability, and accuracy of our metrics.

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