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Boise Department of Arts & History Announces James Castle House Artists-in-Residence 

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- "About the Color of the Moon" by Keiran Brennan Hinton -  - BOISE DEPARTMENT OF ARTS & HISTORY/KEIRAN BRENNAN HINTON

  • Boise Department of Arts & History/Keiran Brennan Hinton

  • “About the Color of the Moon” by Keiran Brennan Hinton

The James Castle House, which officially opens to the public on Saturday, April 28, is an homage to the famous Boise artist that includes turning his longtime Collister Neighborhood home into a Boise cultural destination and gallery for his work.

Another significant moving piece of the JCH restoration has been adding an artist residence to the home, and on Friday, April 27, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter announced the first three artists to participate in the program: Keiran Brennan Hinton, Rachel Rickert and Cindy Steiler.

Based out of New York, Hinton will take up residence in the JCH in May and leave in August 2018. He has held solo exhibitions of his oil paintings in New York City and Toronto. Much of the work on his website comprises close studies of interior spaces, similar to Castle’s work, but their bright, chunky colors lead the viewer to details rather than dwelling on them.

According to a release from the Boise City Department of Arts & History, his work during the residency will serve as “a conversation between two artists across decades.”

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- "Hiding Places" by Rachel Rickert -  - BOISE DEPARTMENT OF ARTS & HISTORY/RACHEL RICKERT

  • Boise Department of Arts & History/Rachel Rickert

  • “Hiding Places” by Rachel Rickert

The oil paintings Rickert, who hales from from Brooklyn, New York, creates are explorations of intimacy. In one, “Hand Wash, Hang Dry,” a garter dangles unceremoniously from a clothesline. Rendered impressionistically, the garment’s moment of recognition hangs in the air. In other paintings there are repeating patterns—often in lace—that recall Castle’s work, and scenes that juxtapose the deeply personal with the everyday. Rickert will be in Boise between January and April, 2019.

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  • Boise Department of Arts & History/Cindy Steiler

  • “Vestige” by Cindy Steiler

Finally, between May and August, 2019, Florida-based multimedia artist Cindy Steiler will make JCH her home. Using found materials, she leans on patterns, lines, embroidery and photography to create dolls, dioramas and other art objects that bear an uncanny resemblance to Castle’s spare images and sketchy style.

In addition to staying free of charge at the JHC, each artist will receive a $2,000-per-month stipend as part of the residency program.


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