Everyone needs encouragement and hope

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Everyone loves stories which offer hope.

“Cinderella Man” is one such story. James J. Braddock had a good life in the Roaring ‘20s as a successful professional boxer with a beautiful wife and three children he loved and was completely dedicated to.

In 1933, however, various events including a broken hand and the Great Depression changed all that. James, aka The Bulldog of Bergen, ends up going down to the docks to pick up a day’s work whenever he can to get money for electricity, heat and food for his family. Though the family is threatened to be split up, his unwillingness for that to happen seems to strengthen his determination and resolve.

Jim finally gets a break when given the opportunity to be a last-minute replacement fighter to go up against the No. 2 heavyweight in the world. Although Jim’s expected to merely show up, take a few hits and collect his paycheck, he ends up knocking out his opponent. To everyone’s surprise and delight, he continues winning — one victory after another. Not only does this allow him to provide for his family, it also offers a renewed hope among the discouraged and destitute.

That’s exactly why we all love for the underdog to come out as the hero — it just feels right. It gives everyone a sense of hope to cling to, saying, “If he can do it, so can I.”

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Be a messenger of hope.

My heart is heavy as I continually hear from families devastated by losing a loved one to suicide, which is certainly the ultimate act of hopelessness. Whether feeling desperate to this degree or not, we never know the battle another person is facing. This, however, is what we do know: Everyone needs encouragement, courage and hope. Let’s look for ways to offer all to those around us each and every day.

Here are some devastating facts everyone needs to know, along with a number to call if you, or someone you know has thoughts of suicide. If you are in this place, please know you are not alone. Reach out today.

  • Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for Idahoans age 15-34 and for males age 10-14. (The leading cause of death is accidents.)
  • Idaho is consistently among the states with the highest suicide rates. In 2014 Idaho had the ninth highest suicide rate, 46 percent higher than the national average.
  • In 2015, 362 people completed suicide in Idaho; one suicide death every day. Statistics provided by Suicide Prevention Action Network of Idaho, www.SPANidaho.org. If you need to talk to someone, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Joan Endicott is an award-winning keynote speaker, author of “I Get To!”, founder of GIANT-Slayer Coaching and “WOW!” Women Owning their Worth and coach who reaches over 20 countries. Joan posts her weekly video blog on these same topics on her website. To contact Joan, visit www.JoanEndicott.com.


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