Free community cooking class at St. Luke’s Nampa

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St. Luke’s Nampa is offering a free community cooking class, “Spring Into Summer.” Morgan Walker and Tony Teich, St. Luke’s Nampa registered dietitians, will share information about nutrition, easy recipe ideas, and cooking/preparation techniques for easy dishes, including hummus.

“Our plan is to provide recipe cards to all attendees for each item that is presented,” said Rick Holland, director of food & nutrition services at St. Luke’s Nampa, in a press release from St. Luke’s.

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The class is slated for 7 to 8 p.m. on May 15 in the Sunnyslope Room on the third floor above the emergency department at 9850 W. St. Luke’s Drive

Go to the hospital website to register: https://www.stlukesonline.org/communities-and-locations/classes-and-events/community-cooking-class-spring-into-summer-nampa.


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