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Heather Carson Exhibit Lights Up Boise Art Museum 

By April 25, 2018April 30th, 2018No Comments

Heather Carson’s artwork, now showing at Boise Art Museum, displays white fluorescent lights from a unique perspective. Though all of the lights she uses in her sculptures are white, juxtaposed they appear to glow with colors like blue, pink and orange. With its strong modern aesthetic and emphasis on industrialism, viewing Carson’s exhibition, Sculpted Light, feels almost like walking downtown after dark, bathed in fluorescent glow.

“Her work speaks to the fundamentals of art and engages with art history, while at the same time being incredibly imaginative and fresh,” said Melanie Fales, executive director at BAM.

Fales and her staff discovered Carson’s work in 2016 at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. After seeing installation images of Carson’s exhibit light/WHITE, Fales wanted to bring her work to the Boise area. In the BAM gallery, Carson’s pieces emit a soft, neutral glow that pairs well with the other artwork while also standing out.

“This exhibition affirms our interest in expanding perceptions of what art is,” Fales said. “Carson’s sculptures … challenge the notion of a divide between fine art and industrial design.”

Sculpted Light is on display at BAM through Sunday, July 22.


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