How CrowdTangle Became the Colts’ 12th Man

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By Carlin Scrudato, CrowdTangle Partnerships

The Indianapolis Colts demonstrate exactly what it looks like when a club leverages CrowdTangle to its fullest.

Amber Derrow is the Social Media Coordinator for the Colts, and a team of exactly one. What you’ll find below is how CrowdTangle helps her create efficiencies and decrease her workload.

The goal for the Colts during the season was to increase video views on branded content, help its sales and content teams pitch better ideas to advertisers, and track competitors in that space. Since using CrowdTangle’s branded content features, Amber has been able to drive video views, identify other NFL clubs working with specific advertisers (which helped uncover gaps in the Colts’ pitch), and to create automated reports for sales and video teams. Those reports helped those teams sell branded content more effectively in-market.


“CrowdTangle consistently saves my life.”


CrowdTangle has helped Amber distribute ideas to the sales and video teams to understand and retain partners after the season. The Colts’ sales team is using this data during their pitch process as well as to understand what drives sponsorship. Amber and her teams receive automated reports via email to help them with ideation and inspiration around what content works in their market size.

Using CrowdTangle, the Colts team can see how many posts they publish each week or month and then compare that to other NFL clubs, others in the division, and even other sports teams that have a similar market/audience size. “From there, we monitor and see how many [sponsored] posts we’re doing compared to organic content. [For example], We used CrowdTangle to pull an end-of-year report for last season [2017] vs. an end-of-year report for 2016 and used the data to measure retention of sponsors,” Amber says.

On the flip side, the Colts like to hone in on content their fans don’t want to see in order to ensure they’re always posting engaging content, and especially engaging branded content. Amber and her team frequently check underperforming posts from other clubs, players and teams.

Automating reports for teams that don’t work on social media, like video and sales teams, is a BIG win for the Colts. The video team uses CrowdTangle reports to understand what kind of content works as branded content. It’s been instrumental for the sales team to identify content that works, see what other clubs are doing and which brands they are working with, and use that data in their pitch to tell a story.

The Colts’ Most Engaged (pun intended!) Branded Content during the 2017-2018 season.

Moreover, the Colts drove 3.21 million video views (within their market comp set) during the season. Here they have used leaderboards to compare their performance against their closest competitors.

In addition to Branded Content, the Colts are using Intelligence to take their analyses one step further. “We filter by teams in Indiana, all NFL clubs, market size comparisons, and certain college teams killing it to see what kind of branded content is happening and what content is driving viewership.”

From there, reports for their sales team benchmarking their page vs other pages with a similar market size are used in their pitch in-market within Indianapolis for example: Colts content does x times better than the other two professional teams, or teams that have the same market size in the league.

The results are shared with their front office. These reports often take complicated data and present it in a simple way to executives the value of social. “CrowdTangle has always been important to our strategy, and now even more important for us transitioning as Facebook changes. We will be able to strategically use CrowdTangle even more to hone in on content that fans don’t want to see, what content is meaningful, and how we can ensure we are using Branded Content wisely.”

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