Norwegian News Outlet Nettavisen On How They Drive Newsletter Subscriptions and Revenue through Instant Articles

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By John Severinson, News Partnerships

Nettavisen is a Norwegian news outlet that’s been digital-only since they first started in 1996. They cover news, sports and finance and have always looked to get its content to readers in the most seamless way possible. “We’re not a technology company though, like many media companies call themselves. We create content and leverage technology,” says Pål Nisja-Wilhelmsen, Chief Innovation Officer at Nettavisen.

The paper was among the first in Scandinavia to start using Instant Articles when it launched in April, 2016. Today they publish nearly all of their content to the platform. Over the last year and a half, Nettavisen has been able to leverage new tools to grow traffic, convert Instant Articles readers to newsletter subscribers, and increase their monetization.

Building Deeper Connections with Readers


  • Install Call-to-Action Units to drive newsletter subscriptions and Page likes.


  • 10x increase in daily newsletter signups in Instant Articles compared to mobile web.

Creating direct relationships with their audience through email newsletters has been an important way to build reader loyalty for Nettavisen. They recently tested out Instant Articles’ native Call-To-Action units that encourage readers to submit their email to receive newsletter subscriptions. Before, the paper was getting 20 signups a day on their mobile site. On Instant Articles, that number has consistently been near 200. During October they had 7,500 signups for a new newsletter, 800 of which came from their mobile site and the rest from Instant Articles.

Increasing Monetization Options


  • Use Audience Network to handle all ad revenue in Instant Articles.
  • Insert ads into Instant Articles recirculation units.


  • CPMs of $7.50. Equal to the revenue from direct sold ads on the mobile web.
  • Increase of 37% (compared to their historical average) in revenue per page view from Audience Network over the last 3 months.

We’ve recently introduced new monetization tools and flexibility, including the ability to insert ads into recirculation units. In the first month that Nettavisen took advantage of these new ad placements, monetization jumped 37%.

To monetize their articles overall, Nettavisen uses Facebook’s Audience Network. They’ve seen impressive fill rates, and believe it to be a better user experience because the ads are more relevant to individual readers. The publisher also uses branded content on the mobile site and will soon expand that to Instant Articles.

Giving Users a Better Reading Experience


  • Use Instant Articles to give audiences the best reading experience on Facebook.


  • Survey results from readers show they love the  reading experience.
  • 14% greater traffic from Instant Articles compared to Mobile Web.

Nisja-Wilhelmsen says that in terms of reading experience, Instant Articles is as good as the best mobile web sites. He wanted to give his own readers this experience so that they wouldn’t have to deal with bad ads and popups. The paper even surveyed readers about the format, and their audience overwhelmingly loves it. Adopting the platform, and giving their audience this seamless experience helped the paper stick to its mission, which has always been “News First.”

“Not only does our audience love the experience of Instant Articles, but it’s helped us significantly increase our newsletter subscriptions, grow traffic, and we’re seeing CPMs equal to direct sold ads on the mobile web. ” — Pål Nisja-Wilhelmsen, Chief Innovation Officer at Nettavisen

*Numbers sourced from Nettavisen using Scores.


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