Webedia’s 5-Step Process to Maximizing the Branded Content Filter in CrowdTangle

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By Carlin Scrudato, CrowdTangle Partnerships

CrowdTangle helps many audience development and social media strategists optimize their organic posting strategy — but hiding under the “More” filter in your Facebook dashboards lies a powerful tool for sales teams and analysts: the Branded Content filter. Webedia Brasil, a powerhouse publishing company behind AdoroCinema.com, the biggest movie site in Latin America, shared their strategies with us. Below, Antoine Clauzel, who until recently was the social media director for Webedia Brasil (now managing director of AdoroCinema), gives us the rundown on how they use CrowdTangle for sales.

Step. 1: We build a list of our Pages and competitors.
“For our brand as a publisher, its great to see what’s working and what’s not working,” says Clauzel. “And to see, for our competitors what types of branded content posts and what types of visual content is working. From the advertiser side, CrowdTangle helps us audit and analyze their social accounts so that we when we pitch them we can use the data as a visual storyteller.”

Step. 2: We audit the advertiser. Then we audit the vertical.
“First we’ll use the tool to audit the content. Lets use L’Oreal as an example. Then we audit our competitors’ lists around hair care, and then we’ll use keywords to generate a Saved Search Leaderboard to see who got the best engagement for hair care in Brazil. We do the same for the U.S., Europe etc. We figure out what content works better around their products. To find those relevant keywords, we use SEO terms for our site and our clients’ sites.

“Second, we run a report for branded content in the verticals — cinema, food, games — every month. We make a report showing what’s new in branded content for that vertical in our market, our competitors’ market, gringos’ market, and for our clients. What are the sales opportunities? We also look at how a competitor makes a branded content video vs. how our client makes it.

“It’s good for social, good for Facebook, and we make and sell Branded Content with the help of CrowdTangle,” says Clauzel.


Step 3: We put it all into reports.
“CrowdTangle provides us with data that we can pull quickly and get a reliable snapshot,” Clauzel explains. “All data is a process [to pull and analyze], but with CrowdTangle I can find and create efficiency. Before I was asking my team for reports and analyzation — it was a lot of time. We save a ton of time using this tool.”

Step 4: We use Intelligence to assess our distribution strategy.
“Using Intelligence, we can really see clearly the social media strategy of competitors, and figure out how to adapt our strategy. Number of posts, the types of posts, and in general what trends we’re seeing in our verticals. What’s the big wave or trend?”

Step 5: We use CrowdTangle to optimize and understand what global publishers are doing with content.
“We love being able to see and filter lists by Brazil vs US vs France so we can accurately make recommendations to our partners about what is working across different locations throughout the world.”

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